Personalized Hotel Search Engine

Finding the perfect hotel for your vacation or business travel can be a challenge. This challenge has been lessened to some degree thanks to the Internet. An individual can use a personalized hotel search engine to find the right hotel for them. Still, there are certain things about a hotel that an individual will not be able to know until they actually set foot in the hotel room. One of these things is whether or not to the hotel has bedbugs.

Searching for Bedbugs before Choosing to Stay
Before agreeing to stay in a hotel for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to take a few minutes to inspect the room for bedbugs. It is recommended that prior to making an inspection of the room, a person leave their luggage outside of the room with the bellhop. This way, if they do walk into the room and they see that it is full of bedbugs, they do not risk having bedbugs crawling into their belongings and traveling to the next hotel with them.

Searching for bedbugs can be a challenge because they are small insects that like to hide during the day. It may be necessary for an individual to carry a flashlight with them and use the flashlight to search for bedbugs in the cracks and crevices of the room. Finding bedbugs will require some work, but avoiding a room infested with bedbugs makes the effort more than worth it.

What do Bedbugs Look like?
Most adult bedbugs are going to have an oval shape and are going to be brown or dark red. Bedbugs live together in groups. If one bedbug is present in a hotel room, it is likely that there is a whole slew of them hiding around. Younger bedbugs may be lighter than their adult counterparts. A good way to identify if bedbugs are in the hotel room is by looking for black spots or the excrement of bedbugs. Bedbugs will also shed their skin, so an individual might find brown skin casings in a hotel room that is infected.

Where to Begin the Bedbugs Search
As their name suggests, bedbugs live in beds. So it is a good idea to start the search off by looking in the bed, searching through the linen and looking in the ruffles along the side of the bed. A thorough inspection is necessary. It may require an individual to actually pull back the sheets and to check the mattress. It may also be a good idea to lift up the mattress and look at the box spring.

Once the mattress has been thoroughly checked, it is a good idea to move on to any other furniture that is in the room. For the most part, bedbugs will live in or around the bed. Also, search picture frames and other items that are around the bed as these are the perfect home for bedbugs.